About us

The old fishermen village Karkle, which is situated in the Seaside Regional Park in Klaipeda district on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The resort is famous for its ethnocultural heritage. If you like to spend time by the sea and if you adore the quiet environment, then Karkle is the best choice for your vacation. You will have a great opportunity to enjoy marvelous sights, which can be seen from the famous Dutch Hat or you can just relax at the beach. If you prefer active leisure, you can take a bicycle trip along the bicycle path which extends across the park territory, which is well-known for its wildlife. In a beautiful place, the center of the village of Karkle, just next to the sea, you can also find our campsite "KarkleCamp". For those who like golf, the National Golf Resort course offers its services and it's only 7 minutes away from our campsite. 

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